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A coaching session can be life changing.
I've seen it again and again with my clients. Maybe that's hard to believe, which is why I offer free intro sessions

where you will experience it for yourself.



You're not paying for my time or knowledge. You're paying for results:



An Expanded sense of self | honest, authentic, alive

I was surprised by how easily we found my emotional challenges. I know myself quite well, but was still surprised of what came up. It was really valuable to see and verbalize the feelings showing up.
After the work we did together, I started to see my emotionally strong personality not only as a good thing, but also as a result of emotional fear... I realized that I used it to hide my sensitivity behind it...

I am now much more in contact with the part of me that is scared and sensitive, which makes me feel more honest, authentic and alive.

Ingela 49 | Marketing Manager and Yoga Instructor


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I offer all my services in four languages: English, Danish, German and Italian

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