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I'm Philipp.

I work as what you could call a life coach. I don't really like the term life-coach to be honest, it seems too narrow and too vague at the same time! I'm still trying to figure out what to actually call myself, but for now, life coach will do! 

For the longest time in my life I was looking for my calling, for my thing! Throughout school I didn't have the faintest idea what I wanted and on top of that I felt that I wasn't good at anything either. I really hated school and always struggled to fit into that antiquated system. I was labeled as "too dreamy", "too easily distracted" all I heard was "you're too dumb". Another factor that deeply shaped my life was the bullying I experienced for more than a decade.

Being exposed to fear and anxiety on a daily basis does many things to the developing mind, anxiety, low self-esteem and self-dobut were constant companions for many years.

I had a lot of trauma to overcome. I've been on my healing journey for years now and my life has changed 360°. Never could I have imagined where I would end up, doing work I love feeling competent and skilled at what I do.


I've learned a lot on my journey: I've learned that in order to process pain, we need to acknowledge pain. That happiness is never gonna come from anything external. That heart-ache, suffering and pain are part of the human experience but don't have to leave us afraid and scared but that we can learn to stay open-hearted despite all these challenges.

In my work I help people to accept their past so that they can start to look at themselves in the present. I help people discover the beauty that is already there. I'm not here to change anyone, or to make someone "better".


I show people that they are perfectly imperfect, right in this moment!

From that place, forward movement is possible. Change that is in alignment with someone's essence, free from other people's expectations.

Bein allowed to be part of other people's journies is such an honor for me!
Send me a message  or give me a call if you're curious to hear more. I can't wait to hear from you!



About me.

I like to live life to the fullest. I constantly strive to go deeper into the experience of living. To embrace all aspects of life both the challenging and the delightful sides.

Coaching allows me to tap into my passion of helping others and of using my skills in a meaningful way.
I'm immensly grateful for my life and the opportunities given to me.

My wish for you.

It is my wish that you find your purpose and fulfillment in your life.
If I am the one helping you find it or someone else is secondary.
If you want me to help you and be part of your journey I would feel honored.

methods & Style.

My coaching style is characterized by openness, acceptance, and empathy. I believe that my clients have all the resources they need to achieve their goals and I see it as my role to help them connect with those resources. I approach each session with an open mind and I let things unfold naturally, without forinc anything.

Education & Interests.

Manning Inspire - Coach certificate 2019

Motive Management - Certified Team Trainer 2020

50+ hours of direct coaching experience

Empathic listening - online training

Empathic communication- hosted workshops for 120+ people

Mindfulness and meditation

Parts work & Completion process

Integration of experiences under altered states of consciousness

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