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A coaching session can be life changing.
I've seen it again and again with my clients. Maybe that's hard to believe, which is why I offer free intro sessions

where you will experience it for yourself.


Ready for change?

Here's what you can expect

1 -  Setting Your GOAL

Knowing what we want and why we want it is the first step on the journey to achieve any goal!
Together we will explore what is truly your dream, free from fear and the expectation from others.

Overcoming OBstacles - 2

In between what we want and what we have lie obstacles. Identifying them and testing them and finally overcoming them will guarantee progress!

3 - Making a plan

A good plan will ensure that you will achieve what you set out to do.


You're not paying for my time or knowledge. You're paying for results:




Philipp really helped me to make sense of the mess that's usually going on in my head.

His ability to listen empathically and to reflect back to me what I was saying made me feel heard and understood.

I was able to release a lot of stuck emotions during our sessions which really helped me to relate to some of my shadow sides in a healthy way. 

The release of emotions and the shift in my awareness about some aspects of my life has given me so much more clarity about what I want and motivation and passion about it.


Benjamin | Student





I offer all my services in four languages: English, Danish, German and Italian

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