60 Day Habit Challenge

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Start: 19.12.2020

Days completed: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

End: 12.03.2021

Milestones: 🔺

🔺 10 consecutive days of goal setting

🔺 15 blog posts

🔺 30 consecutive days of goal setting

△ Waking up truly excited about the work ahead for the first time

△ Consciously "ate the frog" 5 times (doing the most challenging/important task first)

△ Feeling truly connected to my new vision of myself

△ 60 days of posting!

Day 0

I'm in a slump, feeling sorry for myself. And I don't want that. As a life-coach it is quite disheartening to find yourself in a place like that. Helping people getting motivated and helping them make the changes they desire in their lives is what I do!

I have achieved many things that I am proud of but I am still locked into an old story about myself that goes something like this:

"I am lazy and without discipline, dedication and hard work isn't something I do. I never commit and give up when things get difficult."

This story isn't serving me at all. I know where it comes from and part of me knows it's not true, but part of me still believes it. It is time to let my actions speak so this last part also understands that things have changed and are changing.

I took the book "Eat that Frog - by Brian Tracy" as inspiration for this experiment. I want to apply (some of) the principles in the book to see what will happen. I want to simply keep an open mind and observe what will change in me (if anything). I recently started winter bathing, a sort of comfort zone challenge that forces me to be disciplined. I thought that I would have to tough through it but now, almost 20 days in, it is something I'm looking forward to! (I highly recommend winter bathing to anyone! It is such an amazing feeling to be in the cold water out of pure choice! It shows you your ability to overcome your mind and inner dialogue in a very tangible way. As a side effect, my skin has never been healthier and softer!)

I'm hoping that it will be similar with this new habit. I hope that over time I will not want to go back and that it will become something enjoyable to stick to this practice!

Practically, the following is my goal:

I will step into a powerful version of myself that I am proud of!

Meaning: A version of myself that is structured and disciplined in the work that is important to me.

And these are the steps I will take to achieve it:

  • Do a 20 minutes long, daily visualization exercise (every morning), visualizing becoming this new version of myself.

  • Spend one hour every day working on a single thing (distraction-free) for two months.

  • Plan my next day every evening.

  • Plan my next week every week.

  • Write a daily update post tracking and sharing my experience.

I'm excited about getting started and I'm 100% committed to this.

Accountability: Every day where I fail to stick to this habit, I will donate 150 DKK to Dansk Folkeparti (a right-wing political party. I will do anything I can to avoid this outcome!)

Day 1

I started my day with a 20-minute, guided meditation (https://www.magick.me/) it is a bit strange but I find it surprisingly powerful each time I do it. It always leaves me feeling energized and ready to get going! The only scheduled plan for the day was to do my mourning routine and then spend one hour, distraction-free on developing my vision. I might share it at some point, for now, it is still in progress.

Day 2

Today was Sunday and I usually cut myself some slack on weekends. The only thing I did in the morning was my guided meditation which strengthened my commitment to stick to my plan. It really helps me to put my goals in focus: my daily goals, my monthly goals, and my yearly goals!

I spent one hour preparing for an upcoming coaching session, coming up with a grounding meditation that I'm really happy with, and one hour on my vision/goals. I want to get 6 more clients by the end of the month. This goal is a bit out of my hands since I can't control other people's decisions, so I came up with a goal under my control: Reach out to 60 people this month offering them a coaching session. That is 6 people every day. I reached that goal today!

Day 3

Today I'm writing this entry quite early. It's only 09:40 but I won't have much time later and I have 10 minutes left in the first 60 minutes of focused work. I went winter bathing in the morning and for the second time in a row, the water didn't actually feel cold. I sat in the (7.5 degrees cold) water just calmly breathing not feeling cold at all. It is quite a strange feeling.

After breakfast, I sat down looked through my weekly goals:

- sticking to my routines despite the holidays

- reaching out to 42 potential clients

- setting up a way to track whenever I'm in my "flow state"

- Spending time, each day, working on my long term vision until it is really alive and easily accessible

- refresh my knowledge of two useful coaching tools

Using this list of goals I created my daily to-do list and tackled the most challenging one: reaching out to 6 people. DONE!

Day 4 - reaping the first rewards

Wow! First of all: it feels good to write this even though I'm really tired and would rather be in my bed right now. But it feels good to be consistent. To do what I committed to doing. It is even more amazing that I'm already reaping the first rewards of this practice. After only 4 days I have 1 new client and 2 people wanting a first session. It feels super rewarding to simply stick to my routine and what makes it easier is that I know why I'm doing it. I am getting more and more clarity about my WHY and about where I want to end up! Wohoo!

Day 5

It's almost Christmas! 1 more day. I've been consistent in my practice so far, and I have decided to make a small change to my routine: I will set my goals for the next day in the evening instead of in the morning. I notice that my actions are getting more aligned with my values so there is a lot less doubt in me regarding what I should spend my time doing.

Day 6

Today I gave myself somewhat of a break because of Christmas. The only work-related thing I did was to make a list of 6 people to reach out to. One thing I'd like to become better at in the future is managing my phone consumption, more specifically Facebook... Anyways, Merry Christmas!

Day 7

I realized that these blog updates are lacking coherence and structure. So today I will take some proper time to write this blog entry. The original purpose of this blog was to keep track of how (or if) I'm integrating the changes I outlined in the very beginning. I want to celebrate successes, address problems, and adjust the course over time to make sure I end up where I want to end up! It also serves as an accountability tool for me.

I want to have some indicators that I can measure my days against and observe how these practices impact my life.

  • Evening planning: I tend to forget this and do it in the morning instead. The reason I would like to do it in the evening is so I can start into the day knowing what I will do. The hope is that that would give me more calmness in the morning. I want to be more consistent with this in the future. Goal for tomorrow: Notice what my morning feels like when I do have my goals for the day clearly formulated.

  • Daily meditation: Initially I had this mixed in with the goals visualization but it is actually two distinct things. In my meditation I tune into manifesting my goals, I tune into the certainty that I will achieve my goals (by putting my conscious effort into them).

  • Daily goal visualization: It feels quite powerful to remind myself of what I actually want to achieve every day. I still feel that my vision lacks clarity and urgency/commitment. This might come with time but if nothing changes within the next week I will reevaluate this practice.

  • 1-hour distraction-free work: I love this practice. I am SO much more efficient in my work. Not only do I work without distractions, but I'm also a lot better at finishing a task (also because I've been defining my tasks more clearly)

  • Things done:

  • Created a concept or my next Empathic Communication Workshop: Slowing down

  • Created 5 video ideas for my Tuesday video series

  • Created a Facebook event for the upcoming workshop

  • Created a promo-video for the workshop

This structure feels a lot better and I'll try to keep this up from now on.

Day 8

Evening planning: I planned my day last night and I stuck to that plan. I don't know if it put me more at ease... a bit perhaps.

Daily meditation: I'm in a bit of a conflict because on the one hand, I don't want to use my phone and on the other hand, that makes it difficult to follow my meditation (which is recorded on my phone). Anyway, I did reaffirm my daily, monthly, and yearly goals. I actually thought about whether I could reach my yearly goal this year... The goal is waking up relaxed, purpose in mind... Perhaps I can reach that.

Goal visualization: I did spend some time on this but not so much.

Distraction-free work: Today I worked on reaching out to 18(!) people on facebook. I did it without interruption even though I really didn't want to... I found at least one person who would like to work with me and whom I'm excited about working with!

Things done:

  • contacted 18 people

  • created and posted a promotion video

  • developed a plan for "discovering your dream" coaching sessions

Day 9 - Adjusting Goals

I spent a lot of my day today worrying about not getting a task that I had set for myself done. My goal was to reach out to 60 people this month, an arbitrary number that I set myself as a goal. Since this month was almost over I decided that I would simply contact many more people every day so I would manage. This felt quite good at the start and I actually got some good response, but today felt different. I really didn't want to do it and that bothered me! The whole point of this challenge is to stick to my goals! I didn't want to let myself off the hook. At the same time, I don't really think it makes sense to continue doing something mindlessly because I "have to". I'm afraid that I will regress into a state of inactivity if I don't stick to what I said I'd do. It contradicts my goal of being true to my word. At the same time, I don't like this black and white way of looking at things. It feels fear-driven (fear of regressing) and I don't want to be directed by that fear. I called a friend and asked him for advice - he told me to listen inwards and ask myself what is really true. When I do that the following comes up in me: "I trust you and know that you are not backing out of this because you are lazy. I know that you are committed to do the work and to continue on the path you're on. It is okay to adjust your goals."

The original motivation for messaging 60 people was to get 6 new clients. After reaching out to 30 people 6 people actually did show interest and do want to have a first session with me! So I did achieve my goal quicker than I had anticipated! What concerned me on the other hand, was the lack of reply to many of my messages. I'm worried that people might feel annoyed or not valued and I would like to find a different way of reaching out to people.

Perhaps that could be my new goal: finding a better way of getting in touch with people.

Evening planning: I did not plan my day yesterday after getting a bit too tipsy at dinner. That really messed with my whole day as my energy was quite low...

Daily meditation: I did my meditation in the morning but it felt quite unfocused. I believe that planning my day the evening before and thinking about what I want to achieve on that day will make that meditation a lot more directed and powerful

Goal visualization: I find it a bit challenging to keep up the motivation for this even though I can sense just how important it is! I'm still trying to find a good method that will support me in this practice.

Distraction-free work: I'm noticing how much effort it costs me to work with focus when my tasks aren't crystal clear. It can be difficult to stay on top of that during the day as priorities can shift and new input comes in (Facebook messages for example). I would like to revive my Braindump system (a list where I put down everything that comes to mind but that distracts me from my current task).

Things done:

  • I spent a lot of energy on planning my NYE

  • I wrote this post

  • Went winter bathing

Things learned:

  • I gained more clarity about the importance of goal setting and goal revision: it is okay to revise goals and it is not a sign of failure to give up on something halfway (if the reasons for it are well thought through)

Day 10 🔺