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Hey Søtårnet!
This is me!

I'm following my passion and spend most of my time working on becoming self'sufficient as a life coach!

What I like




When I don't work I like to move: yoga, fire-spinning, biking, dancing, rolling around on the floor

I love to learn and develop my skills and to expand my understanding of myself


I have a daily routine of meditation as it grounds me and calms me down

Th'is my face

I care a lot about community.

Cooking together, sharing dinners, watching movies, or playing board games, doing home improvement projects or gardening are all things I would really enjoy doing together!

Open and honest communication where conflicts can be addressed and resolved in a mature manner is really important to me.

Respect for each other's boundaries also feels very important. If we live together we need to find a way that works for everyone <3

What matters to me 

- when living with others

My character

I'm pretty calm and I like harmony which means that I'm also a bit conflict adverse... At the same time, I'm a big fan of open and honest communication and like to take the role of the mediator.

I'm explorative and curious about life, I don't like to settle and like to experience new things.
I go to bed at around 11 and like early mornings with proper breakfast!
I'm part of the burner community, a bunch of open-minded, creative, loving, huggable, sex-positive, fun-loving, crazy people with whom I organize and join events on a regular basis.

I like it clean even though I might not be the first to pick up the broom ( a simple reminder usually does the trick!), the big exception being the kitchen! I love myself a clean kitchen!

Some more facts

  • Jeg taler Dansk (og Italiensk og Tysk og Engelsk)

  • I don't smoke (or very rarely),

  • I love to cook!

  • I drink sometimes but don't like getting wasted,

  • I'm flexitarian (mostly vegetarian)

  • I like partying but not too often (once a month or so).

  • I love coffee and probably drink a bit too much.

  •  I'm into electronic music mainly but have a pretty broad taste in music and I usually use my headphones <3

  • Overall I'm pretty liberal in my attitudes...


U like?







If you've gotten this far, I would love to have a chat with you either over the phone or in person!


Phone: 50378922

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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