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Frequently asked questions.

Coaching or therapy?

Coaching isn't therapy! I believe that therapy is the better option when the client is lacking the very foundation on which coaching can build. What that exactly entails can vary a lot. When I as a coach am in doubt about whether I am able to help a client, I will always address this and suggest that my client contact a mental health expert such as a therapist or a psychologist.

What is coaching?

I define coaching as the process of identifying, addressing and overcoming barriers that prevent the client from achieving their goals. It is very individual what the coaching will look like and can range from setting goals, identifying one's values, to addressing stuck emotions, working through difficult feelings, resolving past experiences and much more.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions needed depends very much on the individual. I always recommend a minimum of 3 sessions (over 3 months) because the changes usually happen between sessions. During the session, the client will gain clarity and insights, set goals etc. but the results depend in large part on what happens in between. By having multiple sessions, there's more time to go deep which contributes to more lasting change.

Coaching is expensive... is it worth it?

This is a valid question, coaching is expensive. From my own experience, I have never regretted spending money on coaching. I believe that people are way too quick at spending money on useless stuff such as new gadgets and spend way too little on their mental and physical health. I'm not saying "buy my service without thinking about it". But think about what could be more important to spend money on if not on yourself. Coaching has the potential to drastically change your life in the direction you want. How much is that chance worth? Same goes for therapy.
I highly encourage you to find a coach/therapist that resonates with you and to spend your money on yourself. It is worth it.

Disclaimer:  If you are struggling to make ends meet I would encourage you to make sure you can pay rent and food etc. first.

I prefer doing a session over the phone/online, is that possible?

I have had many sessions online and found them to be as effective as if I'm there in person. I prefer meeting people face to face because it adds the human element and allows me to be more present with my clients.

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