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Payments are due when the session is booked, unless a different agreement was made in writing (email, text message etc. is okay)

Discounts: Students and people with low or no income  (≤15.000Dkk/Month) can ask for a 15% discount.

Refunds: If either party decides that they want to end the collaboration I will refund 100% of the price of each session that was not yet held. Sessions that were held are generally not eligible for a refund. No justification is needed. I offer this because the most important thing for me is my client's satisfaction and I trust that this option will not be abused.


Coaching sessions can be rescheduled...

  • for free, up to 5 days before the session

  • for 150 Dkk <5 days to 48 hours before the session

  • if the session is cancelled on <48 hours before the full price of the session is due.

In case of an unexpected emergency*, the session may be rescheduled without additional cost.

*this will be evaluated on a case to case basis.


The content of the coaching session will never be disclosed to anyone other than the client.

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